Darwin’s Dilemma

An avalanche of sedimentary may offer you this kind of

Until it,
becomes a shor
-ter distance.

Have you ever counted the steps,
Your fulfillments.

He says, “I like it when you explain things.”

For a moment, I let that settle,
As though he can feel the passion within,
m e.
Nearer still,
m e.

He only meant I wasn’t fulfilling the gaps

From amplification to receiver

I wasn’t fulfilling


How can one lose passion, in
a mumbled, amplified voice

(No one

And can one retrieve it,
After being lent out

But I’ve lent clothes that will never touch me again, I’ve lent towels that will never hold me again and I’ve lent books that will never challenge me again

” ”
..„„’ (few steps)„,”..’„

I know how this goes,

And it goes


A pen traveling by paper
to meet you in the distance,

yours is tucked away,

I hear,
“let me make your life easier… Because I know how, so I will”

may offer you the


until it becomes a shorter distance.

I ponder
the difference between passion aroused and passion let go

nobody has received it, so you say no more.

Refer to: “whilst driving”

Compare to conversational language:
I saw a woman playing sudoku in her car.

It’s a concept of meaning.

Does it make it less meaningful?

One could propose that,

To change the form is not to change the content (& thus meaning). Water is still water even when it’s ice

Spin on that analogy:
But we often prefer water to fulfill* us more. Thus, ice is needed at particular times* but will not fulfill is the way water would. Additionally, if we were to only have ice, to wait for it to melt into water (as that is what we need to survive), the outcome would be a small amount of ice + much more time… Meaning then, that ice, in its form, could not satisfy us the way water would. We could not reach our full potential. Concluding that the form would actually matter and thus, would not be as meaningful to us

* nourish our minds, makes us think, rings true to our heart more accurately

*dont have enough time, words, organize thoughts to structure those words in that way etc

Whilst driving

To the left of me, a woman in a car. My peripheral caught the raise of her arm and something in her hand - white, at first glance. I looked to the left and almost straight ahead immediately again, assuming she was only holding up a book to block the sun. But then. Another hand raised and flipped a page. In this hand, a pen was held.

I knew what she was doing.

The movements she made with her hands, the pen… The flipping of the page. It was something familiar. Something I could imagine my dad doing.

This woman was playing sudoku whilst driving along the highway at red lights.

Ain’t that beautiful? The things you don’t “typically” see.

  • I squeaked when I was about to answer a question today. Elle thought it was the cutest. 
  • "Let me hear your voice after you brush your teeth tonight," is what I meant to say but instead, "Let me hear your voice before you sleep tonight," came out. 
  • Does it make it less meaningful?
  • I’m on the couch at the half way mark between the kitchen and the family room. The light from each side only goes so far. I’m always in a haze in this spot. The in between.
  • Place your hands over your stomach while lying down. Focus on whether you are breathing in, out or in between and have someone strike a bell. Where are you?